Physical Escalation – 2 Easy Techniques to Spark Sexual Attraction


Physical Escalation - 2 Simple ways to get her sexually attractedPhysical escalation is a vital component to getting a girl to become sexually attracted to you.  By incorporating easy physical escalation techniques into your game, getting a girl to become sexually attracted to you will become a much easier process.

Sometimes a girl will have sexual attraction for you, right at the moment you approach her, but most of the time that’s not going to happen.  During most approaches you’re going to need to create sexual attraction.  There’s two major ways to create sexual attraction and that’s with both verbal and physical attraction techniques.

Not All Attraction is Equal

There are 3 basic types of attraction that a girl will feel for a guy.  The 3 types of attraction are value based attraction, emotion based attraction and sexual attraction.  Not all three are equal in value.  Value based in the least effective.  Emotion based attraction is more effective than emotion based attraction.

Sexual based attraction is the most powerful of all three.  The easiest, quickest and the best way to create sexual attraction is playful physical escalation.

Value Based Attraction

Value based attraction is by far the least powerful of the three types.  It’s the type of attraction that guys that don’t have game always try.  Some examples of attempts to gain value based attraction are: telling her how much money you make, trying to impress her by describing to her what you do for a living, telling her about your expensive car, and letting her know about the important people you know.

Attempting value based attraction usually comes off as looking try hard.  And during the rare chance that it does work, the only type of woman that you’ll attract will be gold diggers.

Emotion Based Attraction

Emotion based attraction is much better than trying value based attraction.  Although it’s still not nearly as powerful as creating sexual attraction.  Most guys who are at an intermediate level are pretty good at creating emotion based attraction.   What they usually lack is the balls or the skill to create sexual attraction.

You can definitely get a girl to date you once you’ve created emotion based attraction, but without creating sexual attraction, you won’t ever get same night lays.  Some examples of emotion based attraction are: being an interesting and good conversationalist, relating to her with your common interests and passions, and being able to easily make her laugh.  Simply put, emotion based attraction makes her feel good, but it doesn’t get her sexually attracted to you.

Sexual Attraction

Sexual attraction is precisely what you should be after.  Sexual attraction is what’ll get a girl willing to make out with you after talking to you for less than five minutes.  It’s also what’ll make her wanting to go home with you at the end of the night.  You need to spark her sexual interest while still in the club in order to get her to want to go home with you.

Lucky for you that there’s some easy techniques that you could use to create sexual attraction.  You could use verbal escalation or physical escalation to create sexual attraction, or you could use both.  In another article I’ll be going into detail on how to verbally escalate.

In Conclusion

In the following video I’ll be showing you two simple physical escalation techniques to spark sexual attraction.  If you’ve already created an emotion based attraction with the girl, using these techniques that I demonstrate in the video will get her thinking about having sex with you within a very short time period of time.


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You Won’t Have Chemistry With Every Girl, But You Should Still Bring the Fun!

You won't have chemistry with every girl, but you can you every opportunity to build momentum.  It’s impossible to have chemistry with every girl you approach, although it is possible to utilize every single approach to build your state which in turn will build your momentum for the night.

Bring the Fun!

Approach every set with the knowledge that you can’t spark attraction or have chemistry with every girl, but you can pump up your state by bringing the fun.  When you bring a fun vibe to every set that you approach, even the girls that aren’t attracted to you will enjoy your company.  In fact, many times they’ll want you to stay, just because you brought the fun to their otherwise boring night.

Lower Your Standard of Success

Forget about results, enjoy the process and have fun!  When you enjoy the moment that you’re in, and intentionally bringing the fun, you’re going to get results.  There’s just one caveat with that advice: You still need to always know your next move to be able to move an interaction forward.

Your new standard for a good night no matter what your skill level, should be to approach with a high energy fun vibe, pump up your state with your fun vibe, and to always be in set.

Always Be In Set

If you’re always in set, your state will stay high and your momentum will just snowball.  Eventually your momentum will make you feel unstoppable.

Minimize Your Time In Between Sets

You don’t ever want to spend more than a couple of minutes out of set.  The longer that you’re out of set, the higher the probability that you’ll lose state and your hard earned momentum.  Whenever a set that you’re in stalls out, instead of walking back to your home base of friends, just approach another set.

Approach another set even if the only set you see in front of you is not hot.  Remember your success standard.  You want to keep your state pumped up and your momentum at a high level by always being in set.

Keep Your Eyes Open for Opportunities

If you happen to be in set with some girls that aren’t that attractive, make sure to always be on the lookout for a hot girls  walking by.  When you see a hot girl walking by your set, don’t hesitate.  Take her by the hand, make direct eye contact, and just start talking.

Don’t just say a couple of words and expect a  girl who’s in motion to just stop.  Just keep talking until you get her interested so that she’ll want to stop and talk.  When I say keep talking, I mean non-stop talking without much of a pause.  Basically, you want to grab her attention.

In Conclusion

You don’t need to have chemistry with every girl.  When you bring the fun to set everry set, good things are going to happen.


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6 Reasons You Don’t Need a Wingman to Have a Killer Night

Believing You Need a Wingman is Your Mind Playing Tricks on YouThinking you need a wingman to go out and have a killer night is just years of social conditioning playing with your mind.

Wingmen aren’t nearly as useful as you might think.  It’s a huge misconception to think that you need a wingman to go out, or that a wingman could consistently help your game.  In fact, there’s a pretty good chance a wingman is going to hurt your game for the night and hurt the speed of your overall development.

Because all these years you’ve been socially conditioned to believe that you need a wingman to go out, you’re probably wondering how it’s possible to have a fun and productive night without one.  I’ll be covering why it’s better to go out without a wing and how to have a killer night while doing it.

Why You Don’t Need a Wingman

  1. When you approach a girl, you should be approaching alone.
  2. When you’re escalating, of course you’ll be doing it alone.
  3. You should be going out to meet new girls, not to socialize with your wing.
  4. If you’re always in set, you’ll never feel like you’re alone, because once you make some friends, you won’t be.
  5. You also don’t need a wingman to accidentally cockblock your set by approaching after you do and creeping the girls out.
  6. And the last reason, when going out alone, it should compel you to approach.  When you go out with others, you’re more likely to become complacent.

How to Have a Killer Night Without a Wing

There’s a few things you should do to make sure that you have a killer night when you go out alone.  First off you need to arrive early.  Arriving early will help you in so many ways. By getting there early you’ll be able to easily make conversation with the staff which in turn make you feel more social.  It could also help with some social proof if you make friends with a cute cocktail waitress or bartender.

Secondly, you’ll give yourself the opportunity to approach groups of girls that are totally alone, because early in the night most guys are too scared to approach.  Thirdly, the earlier you start to build your social momentum for the night, the better chance you’re going to have a great night.

Pump Up Your State

Make sure to pump up your state on the drive over.  Most likely you have a favorite song and every time you play it, you feel really hyped up.  Play that song on the way over.

Let the music make you feel happy, energized and powerful.  Add some body movement.  Fist pump!  I know it’s goofy, but it’ll work to pump up your state.

Once you park and get out of the car, walk fast toward the venue.  The energy that you create in your body by walking fast, helps you sustain the empowering state you’ll that you created when you were in the car.  Whatever the body does, the mind will follow.

On the walk up, if you see a girl, make sure to open her.  The same rule applies for any girls that are in line with you.  Once you get to the door guy, don’t just show him your ID.  Make sure to make quick conversation and to joke a bit.  All of the previous steps will help you get into a talkative state.

It’s not necessary to drink, but if you choose to, you should choose something with an energy drink in it, that way your energy should stay at a high level.  While getting your drink, smile and open the girl on your left or right.  It doesn’t matter if the conversation goes anywhere.  Your goal is to just build social momentum and to be in set as much as possible.

When She Asks Where You’re Friends Are

If a girl ask you where your friends are, just say that they’re on the dance floor, on the smoking patio, or on the other side of the bar.  It really doesn’t matter what you say, just as long as you sound confident and believable.

In Conclusion 

As long as you’re in set, you won’t appear to be alone and it won’t even phase you that you didn’t bring a wing.  You’ll be having so much fun!  And best of all, every bit of fun that you’ll be having, it will be all because you generated it.  After you learn to have killer nights without a wing, you’ll literally be able to replicate those same great results in any environment.



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How I Take Action When I’m In a Funk

Decide to get into an action state of mind.Certain types of techniques work best depending on the type of personality you have.  Gaming as if I have something to prove is what works best for me to constantly take action while out meeting girls.

On the rare occasion that  have trouble approaching when I go out, it’s solely because I didn’t put myself in an action state of mind before hand.   I no longer have anxiety about approaching, but I do sometimes feel an odd feeling of procrastination.  I sometimes feel I feel so comfortable and calm that I let lots of opportunities just pass me by.

If you can relate to what I’m talking about, then you also know that it isn’t anxiety at all.  It’s an odd feeling of a comfortable calm that is totally non productive.  Although I have figured out a way to prevent this bad feeling of procrastination.

Different Types of Personalities Respond to Different Kinds of Stimulus

If you have a personality than needs a little kick start to help you spring into action, then gaming like you have something to prove is what will work best for you.  I like to imagine that everyone in the venue is there specifically to watch me perform pickup.  In other words, my motivation to constantly take action is to prove my skill to “everyone who came to see me”.

I want you to think of it the way a player on a major league baseball team would take action.  The majority of players do their best during the last year of their existing contract.  The reason they put up their best numbers is that their out to prove their worthy of another big money contract.

This type of mindset works for professional athletes and also works for me.  I’ve found that if I don’t have the mindset of proving myself, I just get into a very comfortable and unproductive frame of mind.  Proving myself makes me take action, but being comfortable makes me become stagnant.

Some people may say that they don’t have to prove themselves to anyone.  It’s true that you don’t have to prove yourself, but if you don’t apply a little pressure on yourself to perform, then who will?  And without pressure, you’re comfortable and nothing grows or gets better in comfort.

Actionable Self Talk

It’s true that being in your head while talking with a girl is the worst thing you can do to keep a conversation going.  By being in your head while in conversation you’ll be trying to think of what to say next.  You won’t be listening to her, so you won’t be able to ping off of what she says.  The conversation will just die.

On the other hand, there is a time while out that self talk is extremely useful.  It’s useful in the sense that it will cause you to jump into action.  It will help you to not get into a mental funk in the first place and to also approach with momentum.

Give Yourself Directives

The type of self talk that works best to set me into an action state of mind is to constantly give myself silent orders or directives.  As I’m walking in the place I’m telling myself that have to approach the first cute girl that I see.  If I see a cute girl sitting in the patio as I’m walking up, I’m telling myself that I have to approach her when I get in.

I also have to keep telling myself to look around for an opportunity to approach.  For example, there could be a great opportunity for an approach a mere foot behind me that I won’t notice if I’m not constantly telling myself to look for opportunities.

“Go” is the Most Important Directive

The most important and the most effective directive I can give myself is the word, “go”.  Sometimes I just need a verbal kick in the pants by telling myself, “go”.  I give myself the order and simultaneously imagine that someone just physically pushed me to start walking toward the set.

It’s as easy as seeing the cute girl and telling myself, “go”.  Once I give myself the directive, I just start quickly walking toward the set.  I also know that once I make the physical commitment of walking toward the set, I’m going to open one hundred percent of the time.

Walking Fast is Essential

Walking fast is important because it will keep me in an action state of mind.  Walking fast keeps me in the right state because as we all know, your physiology affects your psychology.

In Conclusion

What you do with your body affects your mind, and the frame of mind you choose to put yourself in, directly affects the actions you take.


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