Take Charge in the Bedroom

Ways to Take Charge in the BedroomA girl just wants a guy to take charge and be assertive with her in the bedroom.

Be Assertive

A girl will get bored and eventually lose attraction for you if you take things too slow. She will ultimately think that you are a pussy if you take too long to try to have sex with her and can’t sexually escalate.

How to Handle Her Hesitation

If you are making out with a woman, and she starts to push back, ask if things are moving too fast. If she says yes, say something like “You just look so fucking hot. I can’t help myself. I’ll go slower.” Otherwise, move forward. If you start kissing a woman, and she responds well, and before long, you’re both on the bed with her skirt pushed up, it’s not the time to roll onto your back and start awkwardly stroking the top of her head. Take charge. You’re the man,so act like one.

When you have her in the bedroom and things get hot and heavy, you need to take charge. When you’ve been kissing for about fifteen minutes and feeling her body over her clothes, don’t hesitate to take her shirt off.  Then continue making out with her while rubbing her pussy over her panties.  Once you got her breathing heavy, put your hand down her panties.  Just keep moving forward in small incremental steps.  Focus on her pleasure.

Don’t expect her to get on top of you from the outset. Take charge and get on top of her. Get her turned on with some dry humping. Don’t gently suck on her nipples and then pull back when she moans with pleasure. Being very gentle is not what she wants. She wants a guy that can take control in the bedroom.

Start by using all four fingers with firm yet gentle pressure against the outside of her pussy. Start slowly and steadily speed it up. Do not charge in with a single finger and start jabbing at her. And if you really don’t know what to do, ask her.

Time to Fuck

Most women like to be fucked, and fucked hard. Most love to have their hair pulled, and their ass spanked while you’re fucking them.  They want to be submissive and they want you to be a take charge guy.

When a girl is bucking wildly against you, it’s not time to slow down and become gentle. The time to be gentle was during foreplay, but at this point, she just want to be fucked.  It’s time to hold down her arms, grab her hips, or push her legs above her head, and fuck her harder.

Talk Dirty

Girls love dirty talk. If you’d like to get some dirty talk going, ask her if she likes the way you fuck her. If she responds well, continue with something like, “I love fucking you. God, you look so fucking hot. Your pussy is SO tight.”

Make Her Experience Memorable

Women really like it when you cum. They love to see it shoot out. Feeling it or seeing it, is something that they really like. Make sure to ask her where, before you cum on her. Give her the choice.

If a woman has had sex with an assertive confident guy, and she’s also had sex with a wuss that doesn’t know what he’s doing, who do you think that she’ll go back to for a second and third time?

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One thought on “Take Charge in the Bedroom”

  1. Hi everyone! Men, take this guy’s advice. He knows what he speaks. Nothing will kill your sex life more than expecting women to do all the work. We are not constantly horny and therefore must be properly stimulated. Men must initiate, and take charge. Boring guys who don’t fulfill their masculine role in the bedroom will not succeed in making their partners happy.

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